Extreme diet collage cheese, greens and clear soup

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Extreme diet cottage cheese, greens and clear soup

3 table spoons of skimmed milk cottage cheese

3 crab sticks

3 lettuces

Greens (spring onions, dill, parsley) as much as you want.

All being chopped wrap into three lettuces and eat it three times a day- in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During your lunch you can eat vegetable or mushroom clear soup which has greens or green vegetables added.

During you dinner you can eat vegetable soup made of onions, sweet pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, added with stock-cube. You can eat this soup as much as you like. But you must remember that during this diet you can’t eat anything else- not any fruit, dried fruit or other light snacks. Diet is planned for two weeks but there is a great effect (5kg off the weight) expected already after five days. It is very difficult to keep up this diet!

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 10:12:59

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