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Soy - Asian, African and Australian endemic annual plant, which is processed to produce oil, flour, milk, yoghurt and other miscellaneous foods (more than a hundred). Soy is commonly referred as 21st-century product.

The first thing that world took from Asia’s healthy cooking was the soy milk and soybean curd, or cheese - tofu. In Latvia tofu cheese is also sold with additives - mushrooms, herbs.

Soy chips, flour, cakes, steak, schnitzel - it is textured soy or soy meat in taste and appearance similar to meat. Meat that is free of bones, tendons and fat.

Good to know:

- Protein is the most valuable part of soya

-Soy protein source is necessary for vegans;  
-soy for vegetarians is a source of calcium

- In soya there is fiber, valuable minerals, many B vitamins, iron, thiamine, and niacids

- Vegetable fats, unsaturated fatty acids are also found in soya

- Soy contains antioxidants, which are fighters against cancer, that is why it has been suggested that soy inhibits cancer cell growth,

- Substances, existing in soya, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood,

- Soy is indispensable for women at menopause because its inherent characteristics are similar to estrogen hormones,

-  soy products should not be disabled, covered in flour and eggs, cooked in fat or oil in a pan, adding a high-fat meal sauces  
-most soy products should be stew with vegetables, enriched with spices

- Soy dishes should not be used for dinner because body recycles this food slowly,

- soy milk and tofu contains the most valuable properties of soy, as they are the least thermally processed products,  
-soy products in the diet should not be used slightly, but regularly.

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