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During the menstruation cycle choose food products according to the periods

1-5 day period

You are very sensitive. Food that is rich in magnesium, for example, spinach, cereals and food rich in omega3 fat acids (salmon, sardines, and walnuts) will help you to stabilize your nerve system.

6-13 day period

Release of more hormones reduces your stress level. Eat vegetables and fruits.

14-17 day period

All your senses are maximally intense. Treat yourself with delicacies such as cheese, meat, lobsters and good wine.

18-23 day period

When progesterone has reaches the highest level there can appear a bowel disorders. You have to choose food rich in fibers, for example brown rice, barley and vegetables will help you to fight the constipation and to maintain the energy level.

24-28 day period

In the pre-menstrual period you long for a comfort. Food that is rich in proteins will help you to stabilize the blood sugar. The best choice could be an ice-cream- it is tasty and full of proteins.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-22 11:55:40

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