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Dried fruit

Dietitians suppose that all curative matters are saved in the dried fruit. Dried fruit must be dunked for 1-2 hours in cold water, and then they can be eaten, careful chewing. Dried fruit without pit are grinded by meat-chopper and keeps in a refrigerator. Eat together with oat- flakes or juices of fruit shortly before going to sleep those improve a stomach action. Such mixture can be utilized also together with green teas.

There are much potassium, organic acids, vitamins, calcium, ferrous, phosphorus in apricots (dried and fresh). Dried steeped apricots and plums remarkably clean the intestinal canal.

Figs help against heart and illnesses of blood vessels, anemia, and bronchial asthma. They are useful also as a uric mean and resolvent. Figs with milk are used against a dry cough and long cough, 4 - 5 figs steep in 1 glass milk, clean through a net. Use warm 2 - 4 times in a day.

Raisins are used against bronchitis, cough from age-old times. They are also remarkable to heart patients, because they contain much potassium. Steep 30 g of then in water, eat with milk each evening.

A proof mean against hoarseness and cough is decoction of raisins with juice of onions.

Dates improve blood composition and diminish a fatigue, treats lungs. There are all the necessary curative matters for organism in dried apples and pears. It is the best to keep the dried fruits in the dry, dark place in metal dishes or in carefully closed jars.

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