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Diet for successful weight diminish

The albumen providing seizes.

It is necessary to provide an organism with high-quality albumen in the necessary amount in weight diminish diet time because proteins participate in forming and restoring of all body woofs. Using unbalanced and poor with albumen food, a universal weakness, nervousness, fatigue and inability to concentrate attention, can show in diet time. Therefore in the menu of each day it needs to include milk and emaciated milk products, for example, emaciated buttermilk, kefir, yoghurt, as also emaciated beef or fish, what is complemented with albumen of the vegetation- potatoes, bread and grain products.

Valuable carbohydrates

At least 100 g carbohydrates must be eaten in time of a protracted diet in the day. Imprudent diminishing body mass causes the acidosis- organism acidification (concentration of hydrogen ions increase). It can be prevented by amount of the carbohydrates accepted by the food, what detains in ceton and in fat-acid level rising in blood. The carbohydrates must be taken in the kind of natural connections, for example, with grain products, potatoes, vegetables, fruit or milk rice. Eating these products, feeling of a rapid satiety appears, the amount of the accepted calories is also larger. As few as possible of fats. In the time of cure the kind of fats are dared to accept no more than 30 percents from the necessary amount of calories. It is attainable only then, if the consumption of products of their food is cardinal diminished, what contains the much hidden fats, for example, sausages, pork, fat cheeses, sweet meals and flaky paste.

An optimal amount of vitamins and mineral substances in a food

The organism necessity after a calorie un-containing biological active matters do not diminished in time of diet: vitamins, mineral substances and microelements. Even with a small amount of food products must be taken a certain amount of them. Only in such way it is possible to deviate from health worsen in time of long diet. This aim is attainable, if you give preferences to products with the concentration of high nutritive. To such responsible grain products, vegetable and skim milk products: buttermilk, kefir, yoghurt, curd and thick sour milk. It is confirmed fact, that it can be promoted the food value of meals and drinks with yeast products in diet time. They are very rich with the B vitamin, which are often accepted for little in slimming course time. In nowadays everybody can choose on his/her own most pleasant from the spacious choice of products, to make suitable meals: oat-flakes is sweetened with honey use in making of the dry composite and in the sweet meals, to smear a yeast extract on bread or make delicious and vegetable drink.

Drink as much we will

Certainly, drinks without calories.

The valuable mineral substances and microelements in larger or less amount are lost with sweats in any physical activity. . If the acceptance of nutritive is diminished in diet time, a deficit of mineral substances can appear, which are noticed by spasm of muscles, heart un-rhythmical actions and weakened supplies of organism with blood. The natural mineral waters in various proportions contain mineral substances and microelements coming from nature. Not only in slimming course time, although also they are special considerable in that time, but it is also necessary rich with mineral substances and mineral waters containing with an iodine in a week-day . The iodine failing is one of wide spread problems of populations deficit in mineral substances. One more advantage of mineral waters: it does not contain calories.

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