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Diet: Quickly, easy and very effective

Quickly, easy and very effective - it can characterize the diet of 10 days, in time of which men lose 10kg, but woman 7-8kg of superfluous weight. Some dietician from South Africa has discovered this diet. The conditions are very easy: only proteins need to be used and it needs to notice a few conditions. In the time of this diet the refinement of the organism also take a place. Diet’s duration - 10 days.

There are strictly forbidden to use such products in these 10 days: bread, breadstuff, groats, rice, dairy products, sugar (in no kind), fruits, where sugar is in, carrots, corn, potatoes, and alcohol. It is permitted to eat in these 10 days: any meat, bacon, and fishes, can food, eggs, and all vegetables, except containing sugar.

The conditions which are necessary to take into the account: the salad can be prepared with olive oil or lemon juice; everything can be baked only with the olive oil, you must eat at least 5 times in a day even unwillingly, because when you eat more then the more fat will be burn away. The glass of water needs to be drunk before each meal, but after the meal it is not allowed to drink, it is not dared to eat after 8 p. m, this diet is not recommended to take longer than 10 days.

To know: the slimming starts in the third day, if you overstep something g in forbidden, then – that is all, a diet will not touch you and there is no need to continue, then it can be started again after the interruption of two weeks, the diet is dare to repeat after the pause of two months.

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