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Diet of water-melons

This is a very simple and cheap diet, what is adjusted in time of water-melons.

Its duration is 5 days; however in the first days you must to keep up very attentively to your feel, because sometimes an organism reacts negative to such food.

Diet: if there are no complications, then use only water-melons for five days; calculation of the necessary day doses sin the following way: 1 kg water-melon mildness (the edible part) on 10 kg of body mass, for example, if weight is 70 kg, then it is dare eat 7 kg water-melon mildness in day time.

After the 5 days diet of water-melons it is recommended to notice the following meal regime for10 days: breakfast - unsweetened porridge of oat-flakes; dinner -fish, meat or meat of poultries and vegetable salad without fats (mayonnaises, sour cream etc.); supper - water-melon (calculation of a portion size: 0,5 kg water-melon mildness on 30 kg of body mass, for example, if weight is 60 kg, then 1kg of water-melon mildness).

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