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Diet of two components

This is diet of protein and vitamins, which can help dispose of in time of 10 days, without the feeling of hunger. Fat and carbohydrates are eliminated from a menu. The individual form his/her own diet menu.

Diet conditions: it is permitted to use only products of protein and vitamins, fat and carbohydrates must be fully removed from a menu, sauces and fats (ketchups, mayonnaise, sour cream etc.) are removed from a menu.

The salt is permitted to use in moderate amounts, products of protein and vitamins are had separately in various mealtimes, mineral water, water, tea without saccharine, herbal extracts are dare to drink, other drinks as lemonade, juice, beer, alcohol are forbidden.

The meal must be eaten 6 times in a day after each 2,5 hours, form own menu, the protein product must be in one meal , in the following - product of vitamins. Protein products: eggs, meat, fishes, curd, brynza (cheese made of sheep’s milk and other cheeses without fat, boiled sausage.

Products of vitamins: fruit, fresh or boiled vegetables. It is forbidden: grapes, bananas, apricots, persimmon, and potatoes.

Example of day menu:

8:00 two boiled eggs

10:30 a grapefruit

13:00 200g boiled lean meat

15:30 two apples

20:30 200g of boiled fishes

18:00 small orange

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 17:15:58

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