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Diet of juices

Fresh pressed fruit, vegetable juices provide the necessary amount functions vitamin, mineral substances and microelements for life, what stimulates natural cleaning of organism and disintegrate of the harmful matters.

More decent are fresh pressed, but it can be used also ready, high-quality juices, which are offered by shops and in pharmacies as ecological clean products.

Buying the ready juices, desirable to convince, whether they do not contain much saccharine, salt or other preservatives, what in diet of juices time can cause unpleasant digestion violations - stomach can be blown up, gas u. c. the diet of juices can be noticed both one day and a longer time- till the 7-10 days.

It is remarkable to drink a fresh pressed juice at least 400 grams every day, desirable to vary - fruit, vegetables and greeneries.

It is necessary to accept not less than of 800 calories with juices in the day. In a spring it is certain necessary to enjoy juice of birches, noticing any other diet, to utilize juices of birches in the place of the necessary liquid.

In diet time is remarkable to hold back fully from coffee, black tea, saccharine and nicotine. Acquire a more decent medical effect, if notice the diet of juices a few days, they can be repeated once in a month and once or more times in a year.

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