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Diet of grapefruits

This is the diet of 7 days to them, which wishes to obtain a shattering effect and to indulge his / her organism with a rich dose of vitamins.

The regular use of grapefruits will help to reach it, because a grapefruit is rich with many more considerable nutritive, as also it is supposed for one of the best mean in a fight with the superfluous weight.

Diet’s conditions: do not eat after 19.00; every day, if there is feeling of a large hunger, then it is dare to drink glass kefir or to eat an apple or orange between mealtimes; it is also dare to join l tea-spoon of honey to tea once in a day; it is the best to drink the green tea with a lemon; only newly-boiled coffee or espresso; if there is hunger, it is dare to eat only a grapefruit before sleeping ; to plan each mealtime after each 5 hours; do not use the salt; sauces are not permitted; the fat fishes as a salmon, mackerel, herring must be forgotten in this time; meat - only lean.

1st day:

breakfast - grapefruit or juice from it without sugar, 2 slices (each 25g) ham without fat, coffee or tea without sugar;

lunch - grapefruit, 250g vegetable salad (greengrocery + any vegetables, except them, which contain starch) with lemon juice, coffee or tea;

dinner- boiled meat or barbecue (weight in a fresh kind 150g), 200g green lettuce with lemon juice, tea with a tea-spoon of honey

2nd day:

breakfast - grapefruit or juice from it without sugar, 2 boiled eggs, coffee or tea without sugar;

lunch - grapefruit, 50g cheese (maintenance of fats 20-30%) or 150g skim milk cottage cheese;

dinner- 200g boiled or grilled fish, a large portion of green vegetables with olive oil and lemon juice (a tea spoon. lemon juice and a tea spoon of olive oil), a slice of brown bread;

3rd day:

breakfast - grapefruit or juice from it without sugar, 2 table spoons of oat-flakes or musli with a table spoon raisins and a pair grinded nuts (except peanuts) and 4 table spoons deprived of fat yoghurt or milk;

lunch - grapefruit, cup of vegetable soup or clear soup with two toasts;

dinner- half of a grapefruit (to eat before sleeping), 200g boiled or grilled hens, 2 fried tomatoes, tea;

4th day:

breakfast - glass of tomato juice, cooked egg, tea with a lemon;

lunch - grapefruit, a large portion salad of carrots or the green vegetables (cucumbers, green paprika, celery, lettuce, broccoli etc..) with olive oil and lemon juice, a slice of bread;

dinner- no more than 400g of any boiled or steamed vegetables, except potatoes, tea;

before sleeping - grapefruit or its juice

5th day:

breakfast - fruit salad (grapefruit, orange, apple), coffee or tea with lemon;

lunch - a large potato which is fried in an oven, 200g cabbage or salad of any green vegetables;

dinner- 200g cattle steak or 250g hen or 250g fish, a fried tomato or glass of tomato juice;

before sleeping - grapefruit or its juice;

6th and 7th days - take any of the beforehand mentioned days by a choice.

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