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Diet of apples

The most diffused diet, because apples contain much high-quality nutritive, which benevolently influence all organism. The diet of apples stabilizes weight, cleans an alimentary canal and restores an organism, normalizes blood pressure.

Well adjusted after smoking’s cutting off. It can be noticed once or twice in a week, if weight is increased; for prophylaxis once in a month, there must be eaten 1- 2 kg apples and drink much liquid in a day.

It can be apples baked in an oven, grinded, juice, eaten with all seeds, because they contain iodine. The diets of apples have much variation; for example, eat only apples for a week, to nibble brown bread toasts and to drink the green tea.

After poisoning and against nausea, also expectant mothers, the diet of apples helps well, which complement with half glass of kefir six times in a day. Kefir diminishes stomach puffing.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 18:01:09

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