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How to lose 10kg in one week?

This is a relieving diet of 7 days or starvation, which can be repeated each month.

Doctors have produced a recipe. It is guaranteed, that you will lose 10kg using this starvation for the first time, the second time - no more than 3-4kg.

1st day: 1 bottle of mineral water decomposes on 6 portions;

2nd day : 0,8l skim milk drink in time of a day, between 20-21 one apple;

3rd day: 1 bottle of mineral water in time of a day;

4th day : salad (1l jar) - fresh cabbages, carrots and greeneries with a 1 soupspoon vegetable oil. Salad is decomposed on three parts. It is dare to drink 2 glasses of water or tea in a time of a day;

5th day: 0,8l skim milk drink in a time of a day;

6th day: breakfast- a boiled egg, 0, 5 cup of tea; II Breakfast (at11) - 1 cup of vegetable clear soup (only liquid); Dinners - the 100g of a boiled meat + 100g canned green peas; Snack - apple; Supper – apple; At 21 - apple

7th day : 100g of cottage cheese + 2 glasses of milk or 0,5l kefir, it is dare to drink a cup of tea in the evening

P.S. The first three days you can have headache, try more to sleep, but, if you will operate an effect will be larger.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 17:35:25

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Name: chantelle 27/07/08 7:52 am
hey...i really wanna lose weight but i dont no the diet 4 me??? i wanna lose weight fast....what should i do

Name: Varun Sharma 24/09/08 8:50 am
There is no alternate to exercise. U wanna loose weight n keep urself fit just run run n run.

Name: Tamsin 29/09/08 11:54 am
Im going to try this diet, and hopefully i see good results- but im an athlete, so is this diet safe for me ???

Name: wana_get_slimmer 24/10/08 4:05 pm
can you make the diet more clear and detailed for me?like what does it mean by 0,81 skim milk drink?
i really cant understand the thing though trying to go for it desperately.
thank you.

Name: nadia 31/10/08 4:32 pm
i wil try it and tel all of ya da results............until then peace ya all!!!!!!!!

Name: Tania 12/12/08 8:02 am
Yes me either .I cant get the part where it says ''It is dare to drink....'' and ''in a time of a day''And is 0,8l=800ml right.Pliz explain to me

Name: uhh..no 25/02/09 5:27 am
This diet looks unbelievably unhealthy. worst diet ever, dont even attempt it, unless u wanna ruin urself. if u wanna lose weight, find out how many calories you should be taking per day, and consume less than that. and you NEED TO RUN. burn about 500-1000 callories per day on excercise, and you will lose weight in no time. im talking from experience.

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