The dangerous chemicals in our organism

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The dangerous chemicals in our organism

Currently the various chemical matters are met in each commodity. If we compare with old or older times, then such necessity after the presence of the mentioned matters was not necessary and required, also, certainly, public did not have opened possibilities of the chemical matters. But today a life rhythm asks it…. This matters helps to save, do more attractive etc. commodity, if we talk also for food products. But other question is how the use of such chemical matters gives the true benefit to us. If we talk summarized, then the chemical matters we conditionally can divide in such, what are comparing harmless to us and such, usage of which is dangerous and undesirable. So we can distribute these two groups. But it is pity it is not probed to the end, whether this harmless chemical matters are true well-disposed to both us and an environment. It can not be assert surely.

In time of the last semi- century scientists have created 80 thousands a various new chemical matters, which are utilized in the production of various commodities and products. Therefore we continuous adjoin with this matters – we eat them, inhale, accept through a skin etc.

The 12 European states were involved in research, in Europe, also Latvia. It was asked to participate the women of one family from 12 to 92 years- grandmother, mother and granddaughter. Bloods of these women were checked on the presence of the 107 chemical matters. 73 matters were found from searched. And it is interesting; women involved in research did not have succeeded to present a result where such matters are not. The less result was 18 matters. If we talk with the Latvia participants, 24 matters were then found a grandchild, mother- 22 and granny- 27. We can do the main conclusion from this research- a contamination level constantly increases. And it is not consolatory.

It is particularly, that the chemical matters do not attack immediately. It is explained with it, that these matters come in small amounts, in little doses in the organism. It does not create immediate health violations, but accumulating of these matters in an organism, we feel their influence later, because the chemical matters disappear nowhere, but remain in an organism.

Then there is a question, how these matters come in our organism? For example, utilizing air fresheners, cosmetics, toothpaste, acquiring the synthetic carpets, computers and other electrical devices contain chemical matters, using dry-cleaning. If we talk for products and our food, then the chemical matters can come to our organism using products of food, what contains much and various preservatives, which we know with denotation “E”. The solution- to use food products where a maintenance of these this canning matter is not or is limited. A large can food part contains a box biphenyl A, which corrupts the hormonal system of human. It can come in the meal saved in a box. The solution – do not the products what are saved in such kind. It is better to choose fresh, freeze or a smoked food or, what is saved in glass tableware. The chemical matters are in coverage of slightly burnt frying pans, what can cause violations in the action of livers and to increase possibility to get the cancer. It is recommended to utilize cast-iron frying pans, which are much friendlier to our organism.

These are only a few examples, which assert to us, that our way of life contains the large presence of chemical matters. Therefore talking about the right food, we present ordinary, that main is not to use fat, rich in calories food products. But right food is must be understand in complexes. We also can add to a correct feed the food products what is natural products without preservations, saved and prepared according to principles of a correct food from this point of view. Whether then a surprise does not cause to us, if we see, that, for example, yoghurt or repacked pastry is useful half of the year. Let’s think also for a food product, which we use in a food, composition, saving and preparing!

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:04:48

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