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If you do not like running or roller-skating then probably you will like cycling the best. But before you start to cycle, make sure that the bike is suited for your body. Learn how to break and change gears. Also there is an important role of your buttocks in order there would not be any blood circulation problems you should buy a seat with a larger seating area (closed seat with upholstery in the middle).

A woman should find a seat with a narrow front area and a wider part in the back of the seat. Men seats are longer and wider. While cycling you should sit vertically in order not to overload you spinal musculature.

When cycling with a bike the biggest load is for your heart, circulation of blood and lungs and also thigh musculature is strengthened. Knee- joints and back instead are loaded less because they do not have to take such impact loads as in running. Cycling is a good alternative if you for example have injured leg and you have to put off your running or jogging exercise.

Cycling is divided in: Mountain, BMX and freeway cycling.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-10-03 11:25:55

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