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Coco diet

Although in everyday life we consider that coco is a coconut, it is not a nut! The coco is an oil plant! The coco oil features high melting in heat and high hardening in the cold.

The coco oil already at room temperature becomes like butter. You can add this coco oil to the sweets in order to get the cooling effect.

If you have already taken some diets and they have not been successful I would recommend you this one!

Replace all the oils and fat containing garnishes with the coconut oil! At times you can use also the palm-oil or olive oil.

Try this:

Add to the coconut milk a teaspoon of coconut oil, table spoon of cereals. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla oil. All ingredients must be crushed and whipped until you get homogeneous paste. Add the ice!

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 10:47:10

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