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Cocktail diet

This diet is based on kefir. This is diet only for two days! The cocktail helps to reduce the appetite and improves the body processes. During this diet you can loose starting from 2kg. This diet can be used repeatedly after a month. The diet is for one day!

Salted cocktail for one portion:

For making the cocktail you will need half of glass of kefir, 2 tea spoons of lemon juice and 2 bigger cucumbers. Cut the peeled cucumbers, add lemon juice and kefir. Blend it all together.

Sweet cocktail for one portion:

For making this cocktail you need half glass of kefir, 200 g strawberries, raspberries or other berries which are available. You must blend kefir together with the berries.

First meal: salted cocktail

Second meal: sweet cocktail

Third meal: salted cocktail

Fourth meal: sweet cocktail

Fifth meal: salted cocktail

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 11:05:56

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