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Children overweight

 The overweight makes problems. Normal weight is directly related to the overall health situation. But the excessive kilos can cause serious diseases, for example diabetes, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, digestive diseases, breathing, movement and the support apparatus and nerve system disorders.

Not less important the aesthetic aspect of the overweight. A child can experience serious psychological problems and discomfort because contemporaries are cruel and outlaw them from their society. Prejudices against fat children already start at the age of 3-5. Often they have problems in finding friends and they are not welcomed in various physical activities. In most cases the children have overweight because they focus on immobile lifestyle.

Check your child’s weight: for little children it is calculated by the formula: age x2+10 (for example, a five year old child would have to weight approximately 20kg).

The teenager weight you can calculate by the classical body mass index formula: BMI.

Healthy nutrition- the fight against overweight (3-18 years age)

  • It is necessary to diversify the child’s menu every day. The child must eat regularly 4-5 times a day. A meal should not be replaced with the sweets! A child needs to ingest both carbohydrates, and proteins, and fat and also vitamins and minerals.

  • First of all in child’s menu you have to include food from different groups of products- bread, grits, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, greens, fruit, berries, milk and dairy products, animal or poultry meat or fish, eggs, legumes and nuts.

  • Breakfast is the main meal of the day. You have to make sure that during this meal the child receives food that is rich in carbohydrates- various porridges, cornflakes with milk or yogurt, cereal or bran bread. The meal must be supplemented with cheese, fruit and vegetables or their juices.

  • In every meal you must include food that is rich in complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates quickly move to the digestive organs in blood and the excessive calories turn into the fat that is why you need to use them moderately (for example, honey, sugar, sweets). Complex carbohydrates are processed longer and therefore they create the feeling of satiety (bread, grits, pasta, fruits, vegetables, potatoes).

  • A child must eat eggs, milk, dairy products, lean meat, and fish.

  • The organism of a child needs calcium- it is in milk and dairy products.

  • In every meal a child must be offered to eat fruit and vegetables, especially local ones.

  • Fat must be used moderately because previously mentioned food products already contain fat.

  • A child must be offered to drink enough liquids; you have to offer to drink several times a day. The best is to slake the thirst with some water. You should lees offerhim to drink lemonades.

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