Chicken meat diet

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Chicken meat diet

Chicken meat is suited for the diet because it has up to 10 times less fat than in other meat. It contains up to 25% more proteins than other meat.

Chicken meat takes care of your cholesterol level control in order you can fight the overweight. This is one day diet and it is for those people who do not have very intensive work.

You can cook different and diverse food from the chicken meat. During the diet it is recommended to eat up to 400g of chicken, without skin.

You have to add some fresh vegetables, salad, a bit of boiled rice. Chicken needs to be cooked for every meal in non fat way- for example by boiling or stewing it.

Drinks: Be sure to drink a lot of water! You can drink tea, fruit juice and one glass of milk.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 11:33:15

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