Bulimia - eating disorder

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Bulimia - eating disorder

Bulimia is a serious eating disorder. Most people suffer from bulimia in the age from 20-30 years. It is observed that 3 women from 100 suffer with this kind of eating disorder. The bulimia patients are afraid to get overweight, but usually patients have normal standard weight. The bulimia patients overeat in a short time period because they have a big appetite but after eating in order to get rid of the ingested food they throw up by causing vomiting or by using a diarrhea medicine they loosen. By causing vomiting or loosen the women feel critical which leads to the depression. As women get rid of the ingested food very quickly after the meal they do not get any necessary nutrients. Proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are not imbibed enough. It exposes the lives of the women to danger.

Vomiting has very serious consequences.

It is: damaged kidneys

Muscle weakening

Cramps’ attacks

Dental enamel defects

Laxative medicine use effects:



Muscle damage

To avoid eating disorders you have abandon the idea that you want to loose weight by using the strict diets, instead you should hold on to the basic principles of healthy nutrition and combine it with physical activities.

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