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Breakfast- the main meal

In the morning eat like a king, during you lunch like a master but in the evening like poor- this is a centuries old formula for nutrition. The breakfast is the main meal during you day.

It is very important to distribute right the products for each meal. It is wrong to eat least in the mornings but the most in the evenings. To maintain your ideal weight eat not less than five times a day!

Why? Because while we are sleeping our organism works all night long. It has to overstrain liters of blood in order to supply the organs and the brain with the necessary nutrients, to maintain the stabilized body temperature etc. For this purpose large amount of energy is consumed that is why in the mornings you need an extra ration.

“If you want to maintain an ideal weight you must eat without any worries but not less than 5 times a day”- George Cruz the slimming guru claims from California.

In the morning your organism is subjected to a lasting performance that is why you need to ingest more proteins and vitamins during your breakfast. Breakfast rich in calories and breakfast of full value helps the person to get ready for the work.

In the morning the most suitable are bread products: rye bread, oatmeal, roasted musli, quick rye bread, brown rice, whole corny bread and various corn groats.

Avoid these bread products: white bread, waffles, yeast dough pastries, white rice, cruassons, wind cakes, cornflakes.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-15 09:45:06

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