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Beets (red beets)

Vegetables. Vegetables are valuable and indispensible part of the nutrition. Vegetables are fruit which juicy parts- leaves, fruit, stems, bulbs, roots- are used in the nutrition.

Vegetables are the main carbohydrates source for the organism. They positively affect the metabolic processes and improve the body resistance against the diseases.

Red beets sort have originated from the wild beets which are still seen in the wild in Asia Minor, Iran, Mediterranean countries etc. Among the vegetables according to the nutrition value the beets takes the third place right after the cabbages and carrots. They preserve their value therefore you can use them all year round.

Beets are round and both longish and flattened.

Red beets can be used fresh or you can make juice out of them, also you can use them boiled, dried, frozen, pickled etc. It is not advisable to use just extracted beet juice. Allow the juice to brew in a dark and cold place in order the ethereal substances would excrete.

If you use fresh beet juice hiccups, sickness, vomiting and dizziness can occur.

The beets contain: a bit of proteins and fat; organic acids- citric acid, malic acids, oxalic acid, minerals- potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, iron and vitamins- group B, C, P, and PP, folic acid, fibre, pectin substances and other biologically active substances.

For beet boiling you need to have an appropriate container, such as where there is a little space of air. In order the beets would be tastier it is better to boil them with a skin and uncut. In order to reduce the loss of the vitamins the beets need to be boiled in a closed container. They must be put in boiling water. It is not recommended to add the salt because then the beet juice becomes worse.

Beet leaves contain the same valuable substances then the bet itself and also folic acid. But the vitamin C is more in the leaves than it is in beets. Beets’ leaves are used for soups, purees, salad and for the decoration of the dishes.

Beets can be recommended for people who have overweight and in case of heart failure and liver and biliary diseases treatment. Beets greatly improve the organism.

Externally beet juice helps to remove the freckles if you will rub the juice on your face for 20 minutes and after wash it off.

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