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Beauty diet

This diet is so named not without a reason. You need not only cosmetic products to look really good; you also need to eat balanced nutrition. This diet is based on the combination of products in order to ingest microelements that are needed for the hair, nails and for all of you skin.

To improve the skin conditions you need to use water. Water is also in tomatoes, yogurt, fruits and nuts. The hair needs proteins which are in lean meat, milk and cheese. The nails need lime which are in buckwheat, cheese and yogurt. This diet continues for 3 days and during it you will be able to take care of your body and will be able to loose some kilos.

First day

First meal: 150g of chicken fillet, a glass of low fat milk

Second meal: 200g of cooked fish, boiled potato, fresh carrot salad with sunflower seeds

Third meal: cooked protein scrambled eggs, green tea

Fourth meal: yogurt with an orange

Fifth meal: yogurt with a handful of raisins

Second day

First meal: a glass of milk, cereal without sugar, a handful of nuts and raisins

Second meal: 200g of boiled chicken fillet, a handful of raisins, 100g cheese slices

Third meal: few rye bread slices, tomatoes juice, fresh cucumber salad with olive oil

Fourth meal: a bit of dried plums, green tea

Fifth meal: a glass of kefir

Third day

First meal: few grain bread slices, 100g of boiled chicken fillet, a cup of cocoa

Second meal: 150g of beef meat, 100g boiled carrots, buckwheat

Third meal: a can of tuna fish, kiwi, orange, yogurt, 2 toasted bread slices

Fourth and fifth meal: a glass of buttermilk and a handful of dried plums.


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