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Aromas for slenderness

Through the organs of flairs aromas affect brains and can cause emotions, which influence the action of digestion system and metabolism. One aroma promote digestion, other oppress it, diminishing the hunger feeling and appetence after sweets.

A vanilla aroma goes in the group of the warm aromas. It calms quickly, diminishes tension and counterbalances the emotional background. A vanilla sweet smell diminishes appetence through the sweets. This ethereal oil can utilize in an oil – lamp both - one and together with other.

Cinnamon has warm, sweetish and piquant smell, which diminishes the appetence for sweets and promotes metabolism too. A remarkable effect is given by candles, which are flavored with the cinnamon ethereal oil. The cinnamon ethereal oil can be utilized together with the vanilla ethereal oil.

The tender aroma of the jasmine ethereal oil promotes a hormone serration synthesis in an organism, restores forces and counterbalances emotions, so preventing a desire to diminish stress with a meal.

A jasmine aroma belongs to the group of the cold aromas. It is very strong; therefore an oil- lamp fully seizes with one drop the ethereal oil. This is not recommendable to utilize together with other.

The American horsemint ethereal oil’s warm bitterish aroma promotes the creative thought, helps to overcome the difficulties and promotes digestion. This will be a remarkable helper also them, which can not return to a form without a diet, because an American horsemint smell diminishes the stress created by a diet.

It is the best to add the American horsemint ethereal oil to sage oil, shower gel or to drip a few drops in the fragrant coulomb.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:50:16

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