Anoreksija - the lack of appetite

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Anorexia - the lack of appetite

Anorexia is a serious eating disorder. Women are those who suffer from anorexia more often than men. This eating disorder basically affects the teenagers but it also is regarded as adult problem.

The first observed symptom in case of anorexia the fear from overweight. This is why the girls receive insufficient nutrition and a weight of loss emerges. Too much physical activities are also typical to the patients.

1 from 50 girls suffers from anorexia in the age of 15. Mostly especially girls from intelligent families are those who suffer with anorexia. The beginning of anorexia is based in the problem which is related with the strict diets that later evolves into a lifestyle.

Anorexia patients initially are characterized by the overweight. These girls with the help of diet have lost their weight but they could not stop and they continue to starve until the weight becomes so little and below the acceptable standards. In order to say in the shape the girls exercise a lot and in addition they use the slimming drugs.

The lack of appetite of anorexia patients is largely achieved with the initial starving and eating disorders.

These eating disorders must be treated in the very beginning! This strict starving can lead to a serious consequences, insufficient nutrients- vitamins, fat, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins may even lead to death risk.

Anorexia is characterized by devastating consequences. It can be constipation, bad sleep, and loss of menstruation, depression, brittle bones, and inability to concentrate.

It is important before taking any diet to hold on to the good nutrition principles. Remember that nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals improves the way you feel and your great look. In all cases there has to be temperance.

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