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Aerobics has gained big popularity. There are different types of aerobics- water aerobics, hip-hop aerobics and other types. Aerobics has a common objective; it greatly affects the heart and vascular system.

Aerobics strengthens posture and removes stress. Aerobic exercises burn fat stimulates the immune system and helps to prevent fat deposition in the arteries.

Classes of aerobics may attend people at different age and body. These exercises are with a musical accompaniment and can be very various and it depends on the instructor. That is why before you choose some particular aerobics course you should find out whether the room is suitable (wood) and if there is enough ventilation (air- conditioners).

This sport is not recommended if you have some heart diseases or problems with joints. If you want to do aerobics - you need to attend the classes regularly because only then it has any meaning.

Aerobics is not meant for a couple of time but it is a serious physical work.

Aerobics helps to fight the overweight.

Before the aerobics it is not recommended to eat 2 hours before. After the training you should not eat 2 hours after but instead you should drink water, milk and tea.

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