About Us

About Us

This page is made with an idea that it helps you effective loose the superfluous weight, to make in order, extend and to control your menu, to consummate way of life. All offered diets are an informative material and each must be evaluated, whether to test a diet or not.

This site is made to help you find answers to any your questions about right nutrition and diets. It can help you expand your knowledge about diets and your lifestyle.

This site is meant for informative purposes only and does not claim to be medically correct. Please consult a physician, before trying out any of the exercises and diets listed here.  


Most of our information comes from our readers and we can not always list it's source.

Page’s administration does not take any responsibility for the sources of their maintenances and data, because it is not possibile to us to check how this information is obtained.

Agnese Marhele @ 2007-03-16 09:46:56
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